It's noon and your customer needs 500 pounds of parts, in one piece, in their plant in Dallas, by 10:00 AM tomorrow or his line will shut down! ! ! No ifs, ands, or buts! ! ! It's not your fault, but it is your concern, because keeping your customer happy is like money in the bank.


So is a phone call to DDX Worldwide Cargo for those Expedited moves.


You can call 515-729.3484 and get a truck at your facility as soon as humanly possible. Including a truck and a driver, or a team, if necessary, to meet the commitment that you have made to your customer. Drivers and equipment which are dedicated to providing the fastest, most reliable Direct Drive Service available in Iowa.


DDX Expediting is a viable alternative to the High Dollar cost of air freight, without the worries of shipment transfers which can result in lost or damaged freight. Load your shipment on a DDX Expediting truck and rest assured that your customer will off-load the shipment from the same truck, well within delivery time frame requested. And best of all, it will be intact and undamaged.


The next time that you have a Customer in a panic, call DDX Worldwide Cargo 515-729.3484 and put that Customer in the bank.

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