Need to have a bid proposal delivered in Pittsburgh yet today? DDX Worldwide Cargo can help.


Our Next Flight Out Service is designed to provide same day service for your small packages to any point in the continental United States. By calling 515-729.3484, you can make arrangements to have your package picked up immediately, delivered to the nearest airport to make the next available flight, and expedited to your customers' door at destination.


Our knowledgeable and innovated support staff, working with the largest courier fleet in the area, and an extensive network of couriers throughout the United States, stands ready to address your NFO needs. One simple phone call to 515-729.3484 is all that is takes to put Priority on your shipment.


Rate and service quotes can be provided within 30 minutes of your initial call and the wheels to make it happen will already be put in motion. Once you request that the service be performed, a local courier will be dispatched immediately to pick-up the package and take it directly to the airport to make the first flight out. Our courier partner at destination will be notified of the pending arrival and will effect delivery as soon as the shipment arrives. And, if you request a Proof of Delivery, we will respond with signature and time within 30 minutes of delivery.


Keep your "Cool" with those "Hot" shipments.

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